Hi, my name is Mats šŸ‘‹

Iā€™m a serial creator passionate about cool products and great experiences. My talent is turning ideas into something tangible that can be measured and validated.

This is what I do šŸ‘‡

My day job is at OP Financial Group's OP Lab, where I run the Discovery Team. We look for the most exciting new tech, trends, and startups. (Please get in touch if you know some!)

I'm also available for freelance work. I'd love to help your team run a successful design sprint, turn your latest idea into a prototype or learn how to make experimentation a part of your working culture.

Glad you dropped by ā¤ļø

Feel free to get in touch via this form or by dropping me a line on Twitter or LinkedIn. I'll get back to you ASAP.

Side projects and stuff šŸ’”

This is an incomplete collection of random things I've written, built or said over the years.

Splittown ā€“ playable demo for an old school point and click adventure game. Current status: vaporware.Bard Cards ā€“ 108 hand-illustrated inspiration cards for musicians.Sad Thought Catalog ā€“ a collection of unfortunate facts for when you want to feel super depressed.Why is Groupthink poisonous? ā€“ 20 minute talk about the dangers of groupthink in creative work.Kassa Game ā€“ in-browser Pac-Man clone made overnight to jeer my colleagues. They made OP Kassa, so the joke is on me.The Reviewer ā€“ most popular game I've ever made. Ranked #86 overall in Ludum Dare 32.Ludum Dare ā€“ a collection of all the games I've built for Ludum Dare over the years.The Dark Mod ā€“ I've made three missions for this fan-made Thief successor: Exhumed, Breaking out the Fence and In a Time of Need.